Working for yourself is rarely glamorous or easy, but when it allows you to plan your schedule in order to make time for things that really matter to you, the hustle is totally worth it.

Case in point: last week I went out to visit my family so I could support my sister at an event, and I stuck around a bit the next morning to take an early walk with my mom before she went to work and to enjoy an early lunch with my dad and sister before it was time to head back to the city and dive into the rest of the busy week. I also got in plenty of quality time with my favorite dog.


My happy place is basically anywhere with Eli. I’m such a nut for this dog.

For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post, here’s a look at what I enjoyed during my short-and-sweet trip.

Wednesday night my sister and I grabbed an early bite before the event-we both ordered this grilled veggie salad. I added salmon to mine.

Grilled Veggie Salmon Salad

The next morning after my mom and I took a walk to go get coffee, I hung out in their kitchen and wrote while I ate breakfast. I had some leftover roasted veggies that were in the fridge and added a couple eggs on top.

egg & veggie breakfast

A few hours later I had an early lunch with my dad and sister before heading back to the city. We went to a local restaurant and I enjoyed a simple salad with salmon on too. I try not to eat the same kind of fish too much in the same week, so salmon and I are on a break now.

Farm Salad with Salmon

When I got back to the city I had some work and event prep to do before meeting up with a friend for a workout class, so partway through the late afternoon I fueled up with some Greek yogurt with chia seeds.

Dinner was delicious. And late. I had some more of the leftovers I’d brought back from NJ along with roasted sweet potato, herbed slow cooker chicken I had in the freezer, and a mini avocado that needed to get used. A tablespoon of blue cheese was a great complement to the other flavors in the meal.

Chicken with Veggies and Potato

I was more than happy to face-plant into bed after that!

What’s your happy place? 

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