Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Hope you’re having a great week. I love the light this time of year because my photos seem to come out so much better without my having to do much. The outdoor dining weather doesn’t hurt either! Because my sister is traveling and I have to work most of next weekend, my family did an early Father’s Day celebration this past weekend. I started my Saturday in NYC and then had a really nice time out in the burbs. I think Eli had the best time out of anyone, though. Every day is The Best Day Ever for this little guy.

Eli the happiest dog ever

Breakfast: After an early-morning walk in the park, I got some writing done and then made a smoothie. I forgot to take a pictures because I wanted to go to Pilates but suddenly realized I had about 20 minutes until I had to leave. It was this recipe.

Lunch: It’s very rare that I have leftover sushi, but I had some beautiful pieces that were absolutely amazing repurposed over salad. I’d also tossed in some zoodles, a mini avocado, and a little sautéed summer squash I needed to use up. To dress, I kept it simple with some white wine vinegar (was out of rice wine vinegar—that would have been perfect). I also had some fresh berries as a lunch dessert.


Snack: After meeting up with a friend for iced coffee and a walk in a different park, I had a snack to hopefully tide me over until dinner. Still on a jag with plain 2% Greek yogurt with cocoa powder mixed in and a little peanut butter on top. Too ugly to take a photo, but it helped me avoid travel hanger.

Dinner: My mom made the most gorgeous dinner on Saturday night of roasted chicken with sweet potato wedges, asparagus, and radishes. I had a few sips of rose to drink but mostly just stuck to seltzer. I’ve felt extra sensitive to wine and was more into the idea of sleep than a headache.


Sunday was a beautiful day. My mom and I enjoyed a walk together and then met my sister for yoga. In between stuff, I made some eggs, spinach, and sweet potato. For lunch, we went to an adorable small plates restaurant in my sister’s neighborhood, where we sat outside in shade—such a treat! We got some salads (beet and goat cheese with arugula and coarse sea salt for me) and an eggplant dip to start and then I had scallops with broccoli rabe and yucca as my main dish.

scallops with broccoli rabe and yucca

We had another home-cooked meal outside—salad and veggies and some of my dad’s favorites like spaghetti & meatballs. It was hot out but so nice that it actually felt like summer. I didn’t have my phone out because I wanted to just focus on enjoying the moment—very important sometimes! We did take a family photo (thanks, Theo!) of the four of us with the traditional Whale of a Dad Carvel cake, though!

Whale of a Dad Cake
How are you spending Father’s Day this year? Do you ever leave your phone in another room? 

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