Good morning—Hope you’re having a great week so far! This month has been kicking my butt so I’m pretty happy about the fact that we’re into the latter half of April. I did get a chance to slow down last weekend when I visited family for Easter. I also enjoyed some quality time with this dude.

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I was also lucky to enjoy yoga Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, I hit up a studio with my mom, and Sunday, I enjoyed a yoga session with an old friend who is now an awesome instructor! As far as food goes, I enjoyed a nice mix of homemade and  restaurant fare.


Saturday and Sunday morning I enjoyed leftover veggies with eggs.

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Lunch Saturday was this gorgeous salad with salmon at a local restaurant

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Easter “dinner” was actually at 2 pm on Sunday, so I had a post-yoga snack  of Greek yogurt with flax, chia, and blueberries before getting ready to go out.

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The meal itself was in a local Italian restaurant. I started with a tri-color salad and then had salmon (yes, again) as my main course. We also ordered some broccoli rabe for the table.  I had prosecco to drink and then a few sips of a gin & club soda.

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For dessert I had some berries and then headed back into the city. The weather was so gorgeous, I took a walk after throwing in some laundry when I got home. A few hours later, I started to get hungry, so I made this smoothie. I was surprised, though—I totally couldn’t finish it. I did have room for a piece of dark chocolate, though ; ) Priorities!

What was the best thing you ate last weekend?  

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