Good morning! Hope your week is going well so far. I don’t remember giving as much of a crap about spring weather last year, but this time around I am just disgustingly happy it’s finally here. Maybe that’s because we had, like, no snow in 2016 except for one monster storm, so I just was not emotionally prepared for 2017! I forget sometimes how sensitive I am to weather patterns. I’m like a plant—I need light!


Sometimes I feel pressure to keep things cheerful on social media, etc, but do you ever have one of those days where you just wake up in rough shape and struggle to get back to baseline from there? That was me last Tuesday. On those days, I try to practice what I preach about incorporating lots of stress-busting foods and making sure my meals are well-balanced to keep my blood sugar and energy stable. I also make sure I get in a workout to blow off some steam and enjoy an endorphin boost.

Here’s what I ate last Tuesday, when it was Jess vs Ugly-Cry Weather. It doesn’t happen often, but once I get started, it’s hard to stop, so I spent most of the morning sobbing. Fortunately, I’d calmed down by the time my office mate arrived with his adorable dog, who’s super-sweet and always brightens up the day. I swear, the cost of a co-working space is worth it for the pet therapy alone.

As for the food stuff…

Pre-Workout Snack: The remaining half of a roasted sweet potato (no picture)

Breakfast: Leftover frittata with some steamed kale (recycled photo), eaten on a paper plate with plastic utensils at the office. Since I’ve been really sucking at getting away from my desk for lunch (I know, I know—it’s just that I’d rather use my break to take a walk), on the days I go in early, I’ve been making an effort to eat breakfast in the common area, since early in the morning is about the only time of day I can find an empty seat. If I were a different type of person, maybe I’d sidle up next to some of the start-up bros at lunchtime and make small talk about their tacos and ramen takeout, but that’s just not my personality. Anyway. It’s been nice to enjoy breakfast while I do my morning journaling.


Lunch: Lunch plans fell through so I took a walk and picked up this salad at Pret A Manger. It had greens, grape tomatoes, turkey, egg, bacon, and avocado. It’s one of my not-so-guilty-pleasure grab-and-go foods (the Starbuck Spinach & Feta Wrap is another fave). I used a tiny bit of the skinny honey mustard dressing, which was a “meh” choice, but at least I’d tried something new. Bottled dressings trip me up so much. I love Pret, but if they could just do packets of lemon juice or vinegar and oil I’d be a happy camper.


For lunch “dessert” / carb I had a banana. That I’d paid freaking 99 cents for (f***ing ridiculous) but I’d had such a strong craving for one—must have been those lady problems amping up my potassium and magnesium needs—not to mention that vitamin B6 and mood-stabilizing tryptophan in there.

Snack: Plain Greek yogurt with cocoa powder stirred in, topped with a teaspoon each of fig jam and sunbutter

I ended up going to a Pilates class because I just wasn’t ready to go home and get back to some work and phone calls I had to follow up on. I have a hard time pulling myself away if I’m in my own space, so getting out helps me take that step back.

Dinner: Scallops with veggies—an oldie but goodie. Sometimes I do red lentils with this, but I wanted to use up some spaghetti squash. It was delicious. By this time, I was finally feeling more relaxed.


Snack: ~1/4 cup of this Ricotta Cheesecake Dip with a spoonful of raspberry jam

Then I read in bed until I drifted off into a deep sleep. Rain sucks, but it makes for wonderful sleeping conditions!

How do you deal when you’re having a tough day?  

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