Hey, Happy Wednesday! You might have noticed things looking a little different on here lately. I’ve been working with a web designer to give the site a new look and feel. I know I’ve heard from quite a few of you about it—thank you for your kind words and awesome feedback!

This winter has been flying by, so I’ve been trying to take found time where I find it to just catch my breath. I sort of accomplished that last Thursday, when it snowed like crazy. Though I had to remind myself it was an option, I took advantage of being my own boss and decided to work from home. As I saw the weather reports through the day, I was really happy I’d done that. Better safe (and warm) than sorry. My office would still be there the next day.


And it was—gotta love the NYC glamour of snowboots & a backpack, plus sensible flats to change into. Carrie  Bradshaw, I am not.

I don’t think anyone had as great a snow day as these two, though. I love when my mom posts funny dog pictures. I miss having Eli around my apartment, but he’s so happy living it up in the ‘burbs with my parents and their doggies.

It turned out to be a super-busy workday, so not having to commute was a big plus and allowed me to focus. It also gave me a chance to catch up on laundry and cleaning and even re-shoot a photo for a recipe. Here’s what I ate on my snow day:

Breakfast: I was so sick of savory oatmeal after eating it all week, that I whipped up a delicious smoothie, similar to this one. Also, if you haven’t tried adding frozen squash (kabocha, butternut, etc) to your smoothie, I highly recommend it. I like to add a drizzle of coconut oil on top and add a tablespoon of chia seeds or a seed blend. Adds some crunch and extra fiber, plus omega-3’s.


Lunch: A taco-inspired salad with ground chicken, tomatoes, salsa for dressing guacamole, and pickled red onions (recipe coming soon).


Snack: (unpictured) Plain yogurt with cocoa powder stirred in and a teaspoon of peanut butter on top. I’ve been eating this at least a few times a week for months now.

Dinner: Same as last Thursday, oddly. I made another chickpea flour pancake and topped it with a bunch of veggies that were leftover in my fridge, along with a fried egg and some goat cheese and tahini. As I ate, I finished up the book I’d been reading: Lauren Graham’s (yes, that Lauren Graham) Someday, Someday, Maybe. I loved it! So sweet and funny and smart. Clearly, I’m not yet over the Gilmore Girls-sized void in my life.

Snack: A little bit before bed I had some more plain yogurt with a spoonful of the new lemon-flavored Siggi’s triple-cream yogurt I’d gotten as a sample. I don’t love flavored yogurt (though Siggi’s tends to be not too sweet), but I find mixing them with plain is really nice sometimes. I added a tiny bit of Trader Joe’s fig butter on top too. Great combination!


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*I was provided with free samples from Siggi’s but was not compensated for my time. Opinions are my own. 

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