Good morning! Hope you’re having a great week so far. I’m happy to be settling in to February and spending more time of some stuff I had to put on the back burner earlier this winter. One of the things I’m most excited about coming up: On March 25th, I’m honored to be leading a workshop on Self-Care for Entrepreneurs at the Lady Project Summit in Providence. More information and tickets available on the site.

For this week’s food diary link-up, I’m sharing a look at what I ate last Thursday. It was a writing day, but I took advantage of a more flexible schedule to have lunch with my dad. I’m lucky my family is close by enough that we can pull off the weekday meet-up sometimes. With all our weird schedules (especially mine), we sometimes have to get creative, but fitting in that family time is important. Even if life-work balance can’t be a true balance, I fit the life stuff in where I can. 

Speaking about how to balance, I often like to get to the office early before it gets busier (and louder). That also frees up more time later in the day for meetings, client sessions, errands, or if I want to leave a little earlier to take an afterwork yoga or pilates class.

Breakfast: Recycled photo, but I brought savory oatmeal and tahini.


Lunch: I know my dad likes minestrone soup, so we went to a local Italian restaurant. My dad had soup and baked clams, and I had this beautiful salad, which had tuna, tomatoes, olives, and capers, all dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. I was craving salt, and this hit the spot.


Snacks: Later through the afternoon, I had a 2% plain Greek yogurt with ground flax and then a bit later, an apple before pilates

Dinner: I made a chickpea flour pancake and added babaganoush, veggies, a fried egg, and goat cheese on top (recycled photo).


Bedtime Snack: 1/2 cup of yogurt

How do you fit in time with your family? 

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