Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going? I am loving the nice weather we’re having in NYC this week. On Monday morning, I celebrated the end of a long string of clinical days by taking a Monday-morning walk in the park. Though I take walks on my own all the time, having company on this one was a great change of pace and really helped me unwind. It’s hard to get out of my own head sometimes, and what would otherwise be a meditative walk turns into a to-do list hamster wheel. When I got home this time, though, I actually felt restored and ready to approach the day in a peaceful, productive manner. Maybe I should get outside more often in the morning.

Central Park morning

I’ve been doing this online program, Leadfully, which sends me daily prompts, challenges, and tips to help me “activate” my “authentic leadership style.” Sounds like boardroom speak maybe, but I’m finding it super helpful to integrate little mindfulness practices into my day.

With that in mind, for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday, I’m sharing a peak at a Mindful Monday (F*** me, I love alliteration). Here’s the food stuff from the day. 

Breakfast: After the morning’s walk, I had time for breakfast before an appointment, so I made some smoothies. This had coconut water, Healthy Skoop chocolate protein powder, PB2, frozen banana, frozen riced cauliflower (yep), ice, and spinach. I added a garnish of hemp seeds on top for fun/photo purposes.

PB cauliflower smoothie

Lunch: A big salad with some veggies and chicken I needed up, plus a little avocado.

arugula chicken salad

For “lunch dessert,” I had some strawberries with a sprinkle of goat cheese—even a teaspoon goes a long way.

berries with goat cheese

After lunch, I took a break to go to yoga. Though I often go to a morning class, I definitely feel the most pronounced mental benefits when I go to an afternoon class.

Snack: I had an appointment in the late afternoon, so after yoga, I quickly changed and had a snack of Greek yogurt with cocoa powder, strawberries, and chocolate chips (even 1/2 teaspoon goes a long way) before rushing back out the door.

chocolate yogurt with berries

Dinner: Tempeh, mushrooms, asparagus, and steamed bok choy over cauliflower rice with miso-tahini sauce.

tempeh with bok choy and cauliflower rice

Snack: I had a little yogurt left to use up, so I mixed it with some PB2 and more berries. (not pictured)
Do you consciously try to integrate mindful practices into your day? What are your favorite smoothie add-ins?  
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