Wednesday again. That means another What I Ate Wednesday. How’s this Leap Year week treating you? I’m a little discombobulated (shocked I could spell that on the first try) after working at the hospital over the weekend and early this week, but it’s all good. I may have been alternating between working and recharging this past weekend, but for this week’s food diary-esque post, I thought I’d share a peek at a weekend off, where I went out to the suburbs. It was nice to see my family and snuggle with a certain bichon.

eli in bed

It’s all his side of the bed, really.

Here’s what I ate on Sunday.

Breakfast: Savory oatmeal—this was oats with chia seeds, spinach, leftover veggies, an egg, and a little avocado. New York Times on the side.

savory oats and NYTimes

Lunch: My mom, sister, and I met my sister’s boyfriend’s mom for an afternoon BYOB painting class, but first, we grabbed lunch at a nearby restaurant. I had a lobster cobb salad. This was the exact right way to enjoy my monthly bacon fix : )

lobster cobb salad

The class itself was super-fun! I’d forgotten how relaxing I find painting. I didn’t end up drinking more than a few sips of rose wine, since I’d had a glass of prosecco at lunch, but next time I’ll plan better. The painting was right up my alley—perfect for a full-moon weekend.

Moon Painting

Snack on the bus back to NYC: dry-roasted edamame (unpictured)

Dinner: I pulled some chicken and gnocchi soup from the freezer, added the remainders of some frozen spinach, and called it dinner (recycled photo).

gnocchi chicken soup

Bedtime Snack: I was still hungry after dinner, so I had some yogurt with PB2 and cocoa powder mixed in (unpictured).
What was the best thing you ate last weekend? 

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