Happy What I Ate Wednesday. I’ve been writing a lot lately about some of the more indulgent things we enjoy during the holiday season, so how about what to eat the rest of the time? I thought I’d use today’s “what I ate” post to show an example of how I keep it real on a regular day so that I have room to enjoy a drink or a treat later in the week. This was Friday, which I spent working at the hospital. I was supposed to have evening plans, but a last-minute cancellation left me with some time to run errands, work on a writing project, and try a new recipe, which I can’t wait to share soon! So pros and cons.

Anyway, about the “what I ate” part of this post…

Breakfast: Savory oats with avocado on top. savory oats with avocado

Lunch: A big salad with leftover steak from the previous night’s dinner and some roasted veggies-a quick & easy homemade vinaigrette dressing; a few hours later while writing notes, I had some dry-roasted edamame—these 100-calorie packs are super-convenient for throwing into a purse.

leftover steak salad

After-Work Snack: I forgot to take a picture, but I had a plain Siggi’s yogurt with 1 tablespoon each cocoa powder and coconut flour mixed in.

Dinner: After making a slight mess, I enjoyed a bowl of blended kabocha soup. It was inspired by this goop recipe, but I kind of abandoned ship after realizing I’d skipped a step. Because I am not on a Gwyneth Paltow-esque detox, I topped my bowl with a little goat cheese, plus a poached egg and a garnish of pumpkin seeds. You can’t see it in the picture, but there are some leftover shredded brussels sprouts in there too. I needed to use them up, and this turned out to be a delicious way to do that.

kabocha soup with egg

Snack: A few hours later, I had a sliced apple and a mini brie. So fancy—not.

How do you like to balance treats with healthier food during the holiday season? 

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