Suddenly it’s What I Ate Wednesday. Wow, this week is flying by! Let’s get right into the food-diary fest, shall we? Ugh, I said “fest.” Who am I? Talk t to me after I’m adequately caffeinated. I’ve been working on cutting back a little, and so far so good, but I still don’t think I’d ever go a morning without at least some. What I’m finding works is having that first mug really early, and then waiting until 10 or so to have the next, and then it’s either tea or decaf from there. So far so good.

Anyway, here’s a look at a recent day spent working at the hospital:

Breakfast: Savory oatmeal with avocado on topWIAW 236

Lunch: Salad with chicken and roasted veggies and miso tahini dressing; seltzer and an apple partway through the afternoon

Snack: Greek yogurt with a tablespoon each coconut flour, PB2, and pumpkin puree.I also added some cinnamon, as usual. Sorry the picture is so ugly. After this, I did some cleaning and then went and worked in a coffee shop for a bit. I drank a cup of decaf while I was there.

Greek yogurt with coconut flour and PB2

Dinner: Turkey burger on a sandwich thin with a side of veggies tossed with my new favorite pumpkin miso-tahini sauce (recipe coming soon). Another ugly picture. Sorry—I was in writing-cave mode.

turkey burger and veggies

Snack: A sliced apple (yes, another one) with a piece of Cabot cheddar and a teaspoon of Trader Joe’s fig butter. It’s so simple but feels really fancy. apple and cheddar
Do you have a coffee habit? Any snacks or meals you like that seem fancy but are actually super-simple to make?  

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