Welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday that is not about workaholism/small business ownership! Last Saturday, I went to a Greek wedding in New Jersey. I went out a little early to get my yearly eye check-up and to have lunch with my mom.

Before a big event like a wedding, I like to enjoy regular, nourishing meals earlier in the day so I don’t get hungry, cranky,and/or wasted.

So we went Panera. I went for the chicken & hummus power bowl—so freaking good. panera power bowl

A few hours later, I had an apple while getting dressed because I suspected the ceremony was going to be a little long. I was correct in my assumption and thankful I’d thought to pre-empt any potential hangry-ness. Even though I usually get emotional at weddings, not knowing the language made it hard to know which part I was supposed to cry during.

The reception was really lovely. Part of me would love to have captured more of it to share with you, but after the last wedding I went to, I decided to keep the food photos to a minimum. I did snap a few, but mostly I enjoyed catching up with friends, dancing, and scoping out the eye candy. Oh, and eating. There was so much beautiful food—anyone looking for a top-notch wedding venue in New Jersey, try The Grove. Whether your peeps want delicious eats or are into giant chandeliers that change colors, they’ve got you covered.  June 28 14 wedding

Though I did enjoy a few adult beverages, I really didn’t want to get drunk or have to deal with a headache, so I kept it to two-and-a-half. Since I was staying at a nearby hotel instead of going home to the city, I wanted to actually enjoy a restful sleep in my giant bed instead of suffering an all-night toss-and-turn “I’m going to die alone”-fest. Luckily, I was seated next to someone who was also not interested in getting trashed (they were driving), so I felt like I was in good company. My friends thought I’d booked my own room in case I happened to “score” that evening, but the honest truth was that I knew I’d need some space. Not like I know what I’m talking about when I say, “Why by the cow,” but trust me: Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?

The next morning, after hitting up the hotel gym, I met up with a couple friends for the free breakfast in the hotel lobby. The selection was actually better than I’d anticipated, so I dressed up my plain oatmeal with some cinnamon, peanut butter, and some hemp seeds from home. hotel beast june 2014

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What was the best wedding you’ve been to? What do you like to eat before a big event?  


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