I really enjoy doing corporate wellness events, but sometimes when they take place during lunchtime, I have to give some thought to how I structure my own meals that day. When I was first starting out as a dietitian, I used to wonder how other people navigated that part of the job. In my head, I think I imagined they were all super-humans who could power through the day without eating, but over time I’ve learned that everyone has their own repertoire of what works—it usually involves having a sense of what snacks are convenient to eat on the go or considerate timing of meals and snacks. For me, I’ve found that timing is everything. I hate having to shove a snack in my mouth while hoping no one walks by, so I prefer to make sure I don’t show up hungry and that I have a plan for what to eat after to keep low blood sugar meltdowns at bay. Whatever works!

Last week, I had a day like that and kind of wished I could go back and tell my younger self to try it this way. So for anyone else out there who’s ever wondered when the people who smile and serve you food and nutrition advice at lunchtime events actually get to eat, here’s one example.

I decided to go to an early yoga class, and before I went (this was around 6:30), I had some Greek yogurt I’d mixed with chia seeds, ground flax, cocoa powder, and strawberries the night before.

Chocolate Yogurt Chia Pudding

I had to be at my event at 11, so around 10 I enjoyed a serving of frittata (similar to this recipe) with roasted sweet potato and kale.

Frittata and Sweet Potato

During the event, which was held in a really nice office space, I enjoyed an iced Americano and seltzer the staff had kindly hooked me up with. It kept me hydrated (and caffeinated) as I chatted with people who came by my table. After I wrapped up around 2, I headed back to the subway. I had a few bites of venison jerky but just didn’t love it so, I didn’t finish it, Fortunately I made in home before true hanger set in. I made a big green smoothie to recharge. I used this recipe and added a teaspoon of chia seeds on top. I was way too hungry to bother taking a picture, though.

I had a few recipes to test so had a couple bites along the way, which meant a late dinner. I was feeling lazy so I just threw together a salad of just odds and ends from the fridge. For the protein component, I’d defrosted a wild ahi tuna steak I had in the freezer. It was my first time making it, and it’s definitely something I’ll do again—if I’d known how easy it was to prepare, I’d have been  making these for years! Once thawed, all it took was a (not even) 2 minute sear per side!

Salad with Ahi Tuna

I should probably have called it a night after dinner, but I wanted to wrap up my SHAPE article about What The Health because I was in a good writing flow. When my stomach started growling I had a half-cup of plain 2% yogurt with a drizzle of maple syrup—perfect evening snack.

Does your schedule ever make it necessary for you to be flexible with mealtimes? 

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