Welcome to another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party where stream-of-consciousness is the name of the game! Thanks to Amanda for hosting!

So, I’m still trying to get into a good blogging rhythm with the little dude here.Eli passed out

When he’s not passed out cold he is full of beans. Our first week together has been lots of fun. Meals have been a little thrown-together, though. Lots of salads and egg-white scrambles/bowls of veggies with eggs, hummus, and tahini with toast on the side. IMG_6591

A lot of people have commented on how “brave” it is for me to get a puppy by myself, but honestly, I feel like it helps me be more flexible and laid-back about it since I don’t have to try to coordinate schedules or opinions with a partner or family. No fights about who has to get up and walk him or clean up any messes. No one to volley blame back and forth with if something doesn’t go perfectly.

It also helps that Eli is a really mellow, happy little guy. It only took him a couple days to start sleeping through the night—I’ve been playing these guided meditation CDs my mom sent me in college when I had insomnia, and it seems to help. Haha I think I’m up more than he is!

As I mentioned Sunday, I have a bunch of fun guest posts coming your way as I get into a blogging groove with this dog-lady thing. Hope you enjoy!

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