Thursday already? Good timing for a weekly brain-dump post. I feel like I’ve been swimming through a strange fever dream. It’s been a weird-sleep week. I’ve had a lot of projects on my calendar, which is really exciting, but it tends to f*** with my sleep because my brain starts buzzing. I didn’t really re-learn how to nap until I was in college and working as a waitress one summer. Those disco naps were basically the only thing that made it possible for me to keep it together.

I sure don’t miss college, but I do miss having a liver that could work such magic. I spend last Sunday with my one of longtime lady-friends (we grew up climbing trees and building forts in our parents’ basements together), and we went to a wine-and-pizza pairing class in the evening after walking around all day (25,000 steps, what up?). We sampled five wines, and even though it amounted to less than two glasses, I slept like hell that night and felt like crap all the next day. Youth is…a mixed bag.

wine and pizza

It was still a great day, though. I’m so lucky to still have some of my oldest, dearest friends in my life. It certainly makes for a good reality check, living here in the land of WTF. And by that, I mean, NYC is not real life.

Speaking of friends, this week’s module for my online health coaching class has been all about relationships. We often put such an emphasis on romantic relationships without talking much about how to nurture and balance our friendships and relationships with family, colleagues, and people we encounter in our day-to-day goings-on. If I sound like I’m making excuses for not wanting to reactivate any of those dating apps I’ve tried and hated, I am, but seriously—I’m surrounded by amazing, inspiring people, and it’s so cool to see the way my network of friends, contacts, and friends-as-family has grown.

I have a feeling I’m going to have to stage an intervention with myself, though, once we get to the work-life balance stuff and I have to start confronting some bad habits. I’ve been majorly failing at getting away from my desk for meals this week, but at least awareness is a meaningful step? And at least said desk meals have been nutritious and tasty. This happens sometimes when I’m super fired-up about something I’m working on, and nothing else really matters. #sagittariusproblems

Remember how last week I was all excited about my gel manicure? 10 days later and they still look amazing. My inner Jersey girl is so happy!

gel mani 40

I’m also loving that bracelet my Aunt Cindy sent me out of the blue. My family’s not particularly sentimental, but when I got this little bangle with “she believed she could” engraved on it, I almost started crying. Like I said, I’ve been pouring myself into a lot of passion projects behind the scenes lately, and looking down at my wrist has kept me going on more than one occasion.
What’s on your mind this week? 
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