Happy Thursday. I don’t know where this week has gone. I feel like I’ve been scrambling to get my act together before going on a trip. I’m that person who sweats the little things even when the big, scary stuff that would freak most people out is totally taken care of. Go figure. To get my mind off the to-do list swirl, here’s the weekly dose of random stuff:

*In an attempt to clean out the contents of my fridge, I’ve been enjoying lots of weird, savory oatmeal breakfasts. Not suffering at all over here. savory oats with goat cheese

*The other morning, I overheard a kid whining to his mother. “Mom, I need Starbucks. Now!” In that moment, I loved how much I hate to love New York.

*Special thanks to the Lady Project for publishing my post on what you can learn from keeping a food journal. Great way to get some insight into your eating habits. WIAW 214

*McDonald’s is replacing the liquid margarine in its McMuffin with real butter. Pros and cons. Here’s what I and a few other RDs had to say to Yahoo about it. I could spend my time worrying that people will take my comment about a McMuffin being a “decent” option compared to some other choices out of context, but hey.

*While we’re on the topic of butter, I really liked this article that revisions the question of whether butter is “back.”

*I finally got around to watching Garfunkel & Oates on Netflix the other night while catching up on writing work and folding laundry, and um, wow. Love. Too close to home in the best way possible. I know Sunday I was waxing all poetic about feeling at peace and whatnot, and that’s still the case, except that I totally have these moments sometimes too. Apparently turning 30 isn’t going to be anywhere near as awesome as 31. Flatiron Room

*Loved this post on dinner vs drinks over on Cup of Jo. I never thought it this way, but now I think I love the idea of dinner for a first date since you know how long it’s going to last and don’t have to worry about feeling pressured to “take the evening elsewhere” or order another drink if you don’t want to.

…and that’s it for the day. Hope you have a great one. Wish me safe travels and talk soon. I’ve got some awesome guest posts coming your way so stay tuned : )

What’s on your mind today? 

This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

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