Happy Thursday. Welcome to another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where stream-of-consciousness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

This week has been so. damn. busy. To calm myself down, I’ve been playing this Tiny Desk Concert featuring Conor Oberst on repeat. Why is it so good?!

I’m heading to a destination wedding this weekend. To give you an idea of the state of my brain these days, let me just tell you that I am so focused on/stressed about properly packing my carry-on to avoid checking a bag that I can’t seem to get in touch with any feelings of excitement. Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else?

All I seem to want to eat is Greek yogurt. Must be something about the protein-calcium-magnesium trifecta that feels stabilizing? Probiotics also help with proper serotonin production by keeping the GI tract healthy, so cheers to that too. Sorry, I get way too fascinated by my food cravings. If I ever have a baby, I will probably be that annoying pregnant lady who feels the need to talk shop with anyone who will listen about what she does and does not want to put in her mouth.  Fiberlove bar and yogurt

If you want some of my tips for navigating a wedding from a nutritional standpoint, here’s some stuff I’ve had to say about that in the past. Granted, this is an old post from a past life when there was (a little) less cynical and bitter to keep under wraps, but most of the same stuff still applies.

While looking up said wedding post in my archive, I came across this funny little infographic I wanted to share again. 

I guess we’ll see what the hipster factor is at this particular wedding.

How do you feel about weddings? Packing a suitcase? Any food cravings lately? 

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