Since wedding season is upon us, I thought it would be fun to bring you guys a guest post today from Jon Lemon, an award-winning NYC wedding photographer. I first met Jon in a networking group, and just love his work—so many wedding photos look overly posed and uptight, and his relaxed, modern style is such a refreshing change of pace! You want these photos all over your secret wedding-themed Pinterest board. Or your not-secret wedding-themed Pinterest board, of course.
I’m a sucker for coincidences, and when I found out Jon’s wife is a dietitian, I wanted to know all about what it’s like on the other side of life with an RD and thought it would be so much fun to collaborate on a post. I know you guys have seen me talk about what to eat when you’re a guest at a wedding or if it’s your wedding, but what about makeup artists, DJs,  and wedding photographers? So today, Jon is giving a behind-the scenes look at what a wedding photographer eats on the big day. Take it away, Jon!

Being a wedding photographer is certainly exciting, but when it comes to eating healthy while working…it has its challenges. We’re constantly on the move for upwards of 8 hours at a time, we’re surrounded by people indulging in delicious food and drinks, and when we do get a chance to eat it’s usually just 5 minutes to scarf down whatever’s within reach.
And you’d think I’d be good at preparing and taking care of myself…my wife is a dietician after all! The truth is it can happen with any job that involves long hours with few breaks. While you might have healthy habits in place, the pitfalls are real and I hope that pointing out some of the ones I face while working will help you identify your own.
Let’s set the scene. You wake up on a Saturday morning in June to gorgeous weather; an amazing day to have a wedding! Photography starts at 1p, so you’ve arranged to meet your second photographer near the hotel for brunch beforehand. Since that won’t be until 11a, you have a coffee and bowl of cereal to hold you over.
You arrive to brunch a little tired from dragging your gear across town, so a hefty meal is sounding great before a long day of shooting. You’ve picked a diner or something similar because you know they’ll have what you search for: a giant serving of meat and carbs. Your next meal won’t be in sight until at least 8p (and that’s only if the stars align), so packing in calories is key.
With a full belly you’re ready to tackle the day. Once you’re on your feet, the only thing you stop for is the occasional sip from your water bottle. To anyone else standing around it might seem like you’re hydrating, but you’re actually performing the delicate balancing act of drinking just enough to keep thirst at bay while not taunting the bathroom gods.

Photo Credit: JC Lemon Photography

Cocktail hour hits and after making it around the room a few times, you feel like you can finally take a second to relax. While stretching out the arches of your feet, you notice something staring at you from across the room. It’s the meat and cheese platter, and it’s never looked so good. A few cubes feel like rocket fuel that will carry you until the meal comes out.
If all goes well, you’re served a lovely meal at a reasonable time and you’re afforded the ability to spend a relaxed 10 minutes eating. But for the other 99% of the time, you have 3 minutes to take a few bites of chicken before the brother of the groom gets up for a speech. For nights like those, there’s always grabbing a slice of pizza after leaving for the night!
* * *
Jon Lemon is an award-winning NYC wedding photographer that captures love in a modern, relaxed style. In addition to photographing big traditional weddings, Jon also specializes in elopements (intimate wedding). When not documenting the wedding days of amazing couples, you can usually find Jon having a blast with his wife May and son Lincoln, home brewing some beer, rock climbing, or out exploring the world.
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