IMG_5395Since I worked from home Tuesday, it seemed like a good time to kick off the actual cooking part of the April Cookbook Challenge. For my first attempt, I kept it super simple with this recipe for Tuscan chicken from The Everything Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook. I’m sorry I can’t remember who gave this to me or when!

Anyway, recipe was perfect, as I was in the mood to just throw a bunch of stuff in the pot with some liquid and let it cook while I went and tackled my to-do list. Done and done!

Of course, I forgot the lemon juice even though I had the lemon sitting right there on the counter. Some days are just like that. My days off are really more “work from home” days, so I get sidetracked easily when it comes to things like citrus. Luckily, this still came out really well!

I put some on my lunchtime salad the next day. So good! I’m obsessed with rosemary lately, and this hit all the right notes.IMG_5401

Perfect weekday salad happenings over here:

Tuscan Chicken Salad

Any favorite recipes you’re loving lately? 

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