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Surprise, surprise—Big Soda is none too pleased about Bloomberg’s soda ban here in NYC. In fact, the ban was banned the day it was supposed to take effect. Bloomberg says that city will appeal the overruling, but good grief—what a drama.

Of all the coverage of the topic I’ve been reading over recent months, I’ve been getting the most out of Marion Nestle’s blog Food Politics. She just cuts right to the chase and has a way of letting facts speak for themselves…

As someone who puts sugar-sweetened beverages on par with cigarettes, I’d love to see people drink less soda. I think there are many, many ways this could be encouraged. Though I understand the criticisms and misgivings, at the end of the day, I happen to support some of the more drastic measures others prickle at. However, it’s not going to be an overnight or even peaceful process.

So I suppose we shall see. It occurs to me that I haven’t asked my dad, who will probably be buried with a glass bottle of coke, what he thinks of the ban. Maybe next time instead of nagging him about his hypothetical impending foot amputation, I should, you know, start a real conversation.

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