Summer is prime time for cold drinks like smoothies. When Real Simple is sharing smoothie bowl recipes, you know they’ve gone mainstream (in a good way, not in the way we meant it in high school when we talked about favorite indie bands we totally loved before everyone else knew about them). For the most part, I think that’s awesome because it gets people excited about amping up their fruit and veggie intake, but smoothies—and smoothie bowls–can easily turn into calorie bombs, depending what you add in and on top.

Cauliflower Green Smoothie

Keeping an eye on portion size, ratio of fruit to veggies, emphasizing protein, and choosing extras wisely can help you enjoy a satisfying, visually pleasing smoothie bowl without overdoing it. This week on Tabelog, I’m sharing some of my tried-and-true tips.

Want more smoothie ideas? I recently published my favorite mocha smoothie recipe on Azumio. Why spending your dollars on a Frappuccino when you can whip up your own? Added bonus: it’s healthy enough to work as breakfast or a nourishing snack.

What’s your favorite cold drink? Do you like to drink your smoothie with a straw or eat from a bowl with a spoon? 

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