Happy Friday! I thought it might be fun to close out the week with a product review in case you have any kitchen experimentation plans for the weekend ahead.

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Food should taste good and provide nourishment. Using herbs and spices elevates even the most everyday dishes and makes it possible to get away with cutting back on salt for flavor. Unfortunately, many of us leave fresh herbs off our shopping list, often because we’re not sure how to use them or worried they’ll lose their freshness before we get around to working with them.

Simply Beyond’s motto, “Everyday Food Made Better” centers on the sweet spot where healthy meets delicious. This line of “fresh herb alternative” flavoring sprays aims to take your day-to-day meals one step higher with minimal fuss. The company is passionate about sourcing high-quality ingredients consumers can feel good about feeding their families. Simply Beyond products are also certified organic and non-GMO.

How it works:

The essential oil of the herb is blended with organic canola oil. Inside the can is a bag containing the liquid. Compressed air is used to propel the oil out, rather than a chemical-based propellant, eliminating the worry about chemicals mixing with the food.

The product has a control (actuator) that lets you use one of three levels, so you can use a light, moderate, or heavier touch, depending on the food or recipe you’re using it with. Liquid oils are generally measured in tablespoons, but because the flavor of Simply Beyond products is so concentrated, a realistic serving size is much smaller. The label provides nutrition information per teaspoon. The number of sprays per teaspoons depends on how hard you press the actuator.


  • Use it before, during, or after cooking to add taste and aroma to your food
  • Mix into a marinade
  • Give the inside of your crock pot or your pan a quick spritz to add a note of flavor
  • As an accent for sautéed vegetables
  • Spritz on top of stir-fry, meat, pizza, or even salads or fresh tomato and mozzarella The vinegar sprays are perfect for salads but can also be used in sauces, marinades, or even as a topping for vanilla ice cream (don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it).

These sprays can help introduce kids to new flavors and provide an alternative for people who don’t want the texture of little pieces of herbs in their food. Another bonus: long shelf life lets you enjoy the taste year-round without having to buy out of season. Where fresh herbs go bad within a few days, Simply Beyond sprays have a shelf life of two-and-a-half years. From the first spray to the last, you’ll get that fresh herb taste.

What are some of your favorite kitchen products? 

Disclaimer: Simply Beyond provided samples for this post. Thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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