Look out for the grain police!

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One of my favorite parts of being a dietitian is all the random questions clients and patients ask—not to mention the conversations we get to have about those topics. Of course I enjoy helping clear something up for someone, but I learn stuff all the time too! I also love when friends and family ask me questions about food, nutrition, and health. Oh, and wine and whiskey—those are always fun to talk about.

One question I’ve been hearing a lot in recent months is, “What do you think of the Paleo diet?” or “I’m thinking of going Paleo—should I?”
My short answer: No.
That said…
While I do think the Paleo diet is a bit “gimmicky,” I do like that the emphasis is on fresh produce and protein. I think it’s a bit too restrictive, as I feel that legumes and some high-quality grains and even dairy can have a place in a healthy diet. It really depends on how your body tolerates those things.
beef cauliflower rice stir-fry

beef cauliflower rice stir-fry

However, if there are elements of the Paleo diet that appeal to you, no reason not to integrate some of those things into your day-to-day. A low-carb, low-crap diet that includes plenty of veggies for fiber and high-quality protein can be great. You can call it “Paleo” or you can call it, “what I’m eating because this is what makes me feel good.”

Besides, if you had to be Paleo to enjoy cauliflower rice, that would be a sad thing because it is delicious, no matter what “diet” you’re on.
So what diet should you be on?
I’m a big fan of the “Foods that Keep me Strong, Healthy & Happy” diet!
How would you describe your style of eating? 

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