Happy Thursday! We’ve got a full moon lunar eclipse making things interesting this week. The September full moon has many names, including the Full Corn Moon, the Barley Moon, and the Worm Moon. My personal favorite name for this one, of course, is the Harvest Moon, if only because that’s also the name of one of my favorite songs.

(I might have listened to that on repeat about 8 times while writing this post)

One time a guy I was seeing played and sang this for me in a club he had a residency at, but it was not a great fit for his voice (key still matters even for a talented singer) and anyway, it sounds kind of like a song about breaking up/divorce (?) and it made me want to crawl behind the bar and hide. Still, it was a nice gesture, I guess. It’s just that, well, 2013. It was…a year of good stories. Thank all that is holy that time travel is not a thing.

Wow, not sure how we got on to the planets and dating and music (what else is new), but I suppose it’s fitting for this weekly randomness link party.

It may technically still be summer, but I’m rocking an accidental autumnal/pumpkin theme this week.

-For starters, I was sharing a hot breakfast recipe Monday, and then did you see my low-FODMAPSs pumpkin spice nice cream recipe on Tuesday?

-I also wrote an article for Shape about ways to make your Pumpkin Spice Latte fix a little bit healthier.

-Fall = Back-to-Busy time whether you have kids or not, and I know that my packed schedule makes me want to both cry and jump for joy and click my heels. I actually started another new corporate wellness job this part Monday that I’m really excited about. My social calendar is also filled to the brim this month, and even though I’m juggling a bunch of projects on top of it all (and making time to go to physical therapy?), somehow, it feels energizing. That said, meal-planning and prep has become essential. Even an hour can save you tons of time later. Here’s what I got done Wednesday morning when I snuck in a little time to fold laundry and make lunch for the week between appointments.

one hour food prep salad

Not autumn-related, but still worth noting: I don’t post a lot of stories related to food politics on here, but this story from JAMA Internal Medicine about the sugar industry’s role in demonizing fat in the 1960’s kind of blew my mind. A lot has changed since the 1960’s about disclosure of conflicts of interest, but something with such a far-reaching scale having its roots in financial ties is upsetting. Marion Nestle’s post on the topic , aside from providing great insight, also shares a lot of resources to learn more.

While we’re talking disclosure, though, does anyone else ever get annoyed when they’re having one of those hectic days and start mindlessly scrolling through their social media feed to see—oh look!—yet another flawlessly-plated meal. The other night, after snapping a picture of a meal I’d just made, I started laughing when I saw that the reality of my actual mealtime (I was doing line edits while eating) was so different from what a post of just the food would imply—so I posted them in the same picture just to show that what we see on social media is not always reality.

social vs reality salmon dinner


And that’s all she wrote for today. Have a great one!

What’s your favorite song? Do you rely on meal prep when you’re busy? Do you get frustrated by the divide between social media and reality? 


This post has been part of another Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

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