Something I hear about all the time from my clients is not knowing what to eat when they’re super hungry right before dinner—to snack or not to snack? Short answer: trying to simply resist hunger often leads to mindless snacking or overeating at your next meal, so why not be intentional about it and have a few healthy options planned so you can still feel like a functional human and make dinner without gnawing your arm off?


Here are a few of my go-to suggestions: 


  1. A great option is  a plate of sliced veggies and hummus or guacamole. Not only does it provide a combo of fat and fiber, but you can pick the veggies and dip of your choice that still satisfy your tastebuds . Keep portions in check by putting it on a plate or in a bowl so you’re not scooping into the tub of hummus or guac. 
  2.  A cup of broth based vegetable soup is a nourishing option that will tide you over by providing both fiber and fluid. 
  3. If you have Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, jam, or even tomato sauce on hand, these can be eaten with your favorite high-fiber crackers. I personally love GG crackers for this simple snack (each one provides 4 grams of fiber for only 20 calories), but there are lots of great options out there. 
  4. For an urge for something sweet try a small cup of plain yogurt (dairy or plant-based—it’s up to you!), or a small glass of kefir, which is another refreshing choice that’s beneficial for your health!
  5. In a pinch, an orange is a prime snack. It delivers both fluid and fiber, and plus you can separate the sections ahead of time to make it easy to grab pieces! Hate oranges? Another water-rich fruit like watermelon is a refreshing option. 
  6. A servings of olives provides heart-healthy fats to satisfy your hunger without spoiling your appetite. Keeping single-serve packs handy can make it easy to keep portions realistic.


Bottom Line: 


It’s so easy to head over to unhealthy snacks thinking that they are easier to access, but I hope this provided some much needed insight on what snacks are just as accessible, but also better for your health! Snacks are a part of the daily diet choices that we make, and we need to consider them with equal importance as our main meals! Listen to your hunger, and respond mindfully.  




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