If you’ve been reading this blog a while, then you probably know I’m a big music nerd with a soft spot for artists from the 60’s and 70’s. You’ve probably also noticed that I love yoga. Last night, my friend Carrie and I went to Yoga Vida for a night of Chris Calarco’s Pink Floyd yoga. It was basically everything you’d expect—lasers, projections, 2 hours worth of Pink Floyd music…IMG_2218

While I wouldn’t call it the best yoga I’ve ever experienced, the whole thing was really fun. They played a lot of great songs (some of my favorite moments were this and this, and while I rolled my eyes at the “be both comfortable and numb” jokes during half-pigeon, it was a good-natured eye-rolling), and by the time they started winding down, I was more than happy to lay in savasana and listen to this song as the ceiling fans spun overhead. Hah, yeah. I told you I’m a nerd.

IMG_2217Since the event didn’t start until 8, Carrie and I caught up over dinner at nearby Dojo. I’m not a fan of eating a big meal before yoga, so I figured a salad would be a good bet. This has grilled chicken and portobello, and I asked for avocado on the side. This was perfect—it was the exact right amount of filling, though by the time I got home around 11, I was really hungry.

Aside from talking about all the stuff going on right now and coming up, Carrie and I had an awesome time reminiscing about college. It’s crazy to think we’ve known each other for 8 years. Or is it 9? I may not remember the year, but I do remember when my friend Anders told me, “I want you to meet her,” and we had dinner at this Chinese joint near their apartment. A few years later they were married : )

It’s funny, frat parties and the like were not part of my college experience—it was so off my radar, I didn’t even know we had sororities and fraternities until graduation. Though I have plenty of not-safe-for-blogging memories, I also have some really sweet, kind of innocent ones, at least from my freshman year (aka before I discovered whiskey, Tom Waits, and Bukowski—we all have our phases). That winter, we spent quite a few Friday nights going to the Pink Floyd laser light show at the Boston Museum of Science (where my aunt got married in 2011!) and then going for a late-night snack at the South Street Diner or cuddling (yes, cuddling) and listening to music in someone’s dorm room until the wee hours. Totally sober, too. Weird, I know.


Have you ever been to a “themed” yoga event? Any artists you’d like to do a yoga class for? Favorite pre-yoga eats? 

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