I spend a lot of time helping people figure out how to make their wellness goals actually work in their real life. Knowing what to eat is, in some ways, the easy part. When it comes to actually applying that knowledge to your everyday? That’s where a lot of people struggle. I’d been getting a lot of questions about the ketogenic diet and how to make it work for a vegan diet. While it’s not a diet I would generally recommend to most people, I welcomed the challenge to get creative and come up with a drama-free solution to that particular dilemma. The result? This delicious tofu scramble I created for SHAPE.

vegan keto tofu scramble

You can grab the full recipe here. Whether you’re keto, vegan, or none of the above, it’s a great change of pace and an easy recipe to add to the rotation. I hope you love it!

What popular diets or food trends are you most curious about? 

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