When it comes to your mental and physical wellness, diet and exercise go hand in hand. Simply put, you want to make sure you’re eating healthfully and moving your body every day. There are so many benefits to exercising, one of which is stress management. Check out this post for more on how exercise leads to feeling happier and ready to tackle our day. When we’re super-busy and overwhelmed by our to-do list, though, self-care is often the first thing to be put on the back burner, when it shouldn’t be. Especially on the busiest of days—when you’re stressed, overworked, and overtired—it’s important to take time to be active. And no, it doesn’t have to be a full hour or a formal workout.


While the goal is for it to feel effortless, let’s be real—sometimes it feels really damn hard to make it happen. One of the things my clients struggle with most when it comes to maintaining a fitness regimen is making time. Life can get intense —I totally get that — and it’s easy to get down on ourselves for not prioritizing self-care. This is where I can help by providing ways in which you can make fitness accessible and convenient.

Here are some of the tips I rely on and share with my clients to help incorporate exercise into a busy life:

-Break your exercise into smaller chunks throughout the day instead of feeling like you have to do an hour-long formal workout all at once;

-Multi-task while exercising (I respond to a lot of social media and work emails while walking on the treadmill or I take a walk while I have a phone meeting or schedule walking meetings);

-Hold a plank (start with 1 minute and work up);

-Do a couple rounds of  high-interval training (try tabata—each round is 4 minutes);

-Make it fun! No matter the activity – a fitness class, running, yoga, cycling, walking, swimming, etc. – you’re more likely to do it if you actually enjoy it;

-Have a few simple things you can do anywhere with no equipment. Some of my personal go-tos are the Pilates Series of Five for Abs/“The Vacation Special” and a few sets of push-ups;

-Have what you need nearby at all times, so you have no excuse not to exercise (ex: your sneakers, clothes, resistance bands or free weights, etc.);

-Access streaming workouts and apps with various exercises and durations. I share a few favorites here;

-Choose a gym or studio close to your home or work that you actually enjoy going to;

-Anchor exercise to an activity you already do. For example, working out right after you drop your kids at school or heading to the gym after work;

-Put it on your calendar so that the time is yours and doesn’t get booked with another commitment;

-Make it a priority – you deserve the time and you’ll feel better for taking it;

-Fight the urge to feel guilty about taking the time to self-care by reminding yourself that when you take care of your health, others in your life benefit and you do better work;

-Get friends or family involved and connect socially while you’re also exercising – it’s great to have an accountability buddy.


What’s your favorite type of exercise? Let me know what motivates you to work up a sweat!


I’d also love to chat with you about your health and fitness goals and how to streamline your wellness routine — click here to book a free consult call.

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