green bell pepper keeping it real foodThough I generally advise against shunning entire food groups, there are a few times when cutting carbs—for generally healthy adults, I mean*—may be appropriate. For example, in my weight management certification program, we spent a good deal of time discussing the literature on various diets plans and how they stack up against one another.

The main takeaway was that The Best Diet is the one a person can stick to for the long-haul—more of a lifestyle, if you will—but that in the short term, there are certain things that may be effective to jump-start weight loss in someone with a lot to lose. Though a year out, there doesn’t appear to be a huge difference, in the short term, one of the things that may work, if calorie counting, meal replacement, or something else isn’t realistic, is cutting out a certain food group. For example, reducing carbohydrate intake for several months may help someone get over that hurdle they need to see results and stay motivating to keep losing weight, but over time, as they shift towards weight maintenance, the ideal is for them to reintegrate carbohydrates in a moderate way.

A sandwich is a classic lunch option. It’s filling, convenient, and relatively inexpensive.  However, with low-carb diets enjoying a moment in the spotlight, many people struggle with midday meal options to replace their old stand-by. I wish I could take credit for this one, but I actually got the idea from a Rise client. It was so nifty, I had to share.

Since this is fairly low in calories, I’d recommend serving with a salad or some broth-based soup to round out the meal.


  • 1 green bell pepper
  • 2 oz low-sodium turkey
  • 1 oz sliced cheese (optional)


  • Cut bell pepper in half. Clean and scoop out insides.
  • Fill pepper with sandwich meat and cheese.
  • Eat.

What is your go-to lunch? 

*Certain medical conditions, may be treated with a very low-carbohydrate diet such as a ketogenic diet, but this is not the kind of thing to try at home.

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