I like to say that yogurt is the number one reason I will never be vegan—maybe even ahead of eggs. Greek yogurt, especially. My favorite is the Fage 2% Plain.

Fortunately, me and lactose get along pretty well, but some people with lactose-intolerance may actually handle yogurt better than other foods like ice cream and straight-up cow’s milk. Another option for those who are sensitive to cow’s milk is goat-milk dairy products, which are often better tolerated.

Though I have no intention of breaking up with my favorite, I recently decided to give goat-milk yogurt a shot.goat milk yogurt front

Overall, I really liked the flavor. It was not too close to goat cheese, but definitely different from cow’s milk yogurt. The nutrition stats weren’t too shabby, either. One thing I was not a huge fan of, however, was the addition of tapioca starch and pectin: goat milk yogurt back

Why does that even need to be there? Does the manufacturer think people can’t deal with the texture of non-starchy yogurt? I guess it says a lot about what we think of as “yogurt” and how much variation there might actually be as far as texture is concerned. God bless America.

Anyway, if I’d read the label closely before buying this, then this blog post would not have happened, so pros and cons. Though I won’t be buying it again, I’m still glad I tried something new and can answer any questions from lactose intolerant clients about goat milk yogurt.

Have you tried any new-to-you foods recently?  

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