Happy Monday! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrated. I’m sure there are at least a few folks out there who feel a little bit like this still:Eli passed out

For anyone wrestling with food guilty post-Turkey Day, rather than dwell on feelings of “OMG why did I eat so much?” focus on how much you enjoyed your meal and your time spent with family. Now think about what things will make you feel good. Here are a few tips for getting you back on track and out of your holiday food coma:

1.) For starters, it’s not too late to lace up your sneakers or unroll your yoga mat to get the blood flowing. The endorphin hit will boost your mood in addition to burning calories.

2.) Drink plenty of water. Your cells are most likely cranky and thirsty after an indulgent long weekend—give them what they need to do their jobs.

3.) Fill up on fiber: veggies, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, and seeds are your friends right now.

4.) Pop a probiotic. Repopulating the GI tract with a bunch of “good” bacteria will help get your digestive system back in order.

5.) Get some rest. Never underestimate the restorative power of a good night of sleep. Pack it in a little early a few nights this week to give your body a chance to get back to normal .

If you’re feeling more like you want someone to hold your hand as you get into the groove with some good habits, you can always enlist the help of a registered dietitian (wink, wink). If you want nutritionist Jess in your back pocket this holiday season, you can sign up to work with me on Rise. First week is free right now.

How do you get back on track after an indulgent holiday? 


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