Let’s take a break from talking about festive holiday things today and talk instead about reflection and goal-setting. As we wind down into these last few days of the year-end crazy,  we often jolt awake at some point, if only for a second, and see the new year looking right at us.

You might be, like, “Oh sweet—a new year! I can’t wait to go kick some ass,” or maybe you’re like, “F*** me—2016 already? Help!”

Either way, setting goals for the coming year can help you chart the course you want and get where you want to be. A key part of goal-setting is reflecting on previous achievements and failures can help set yourself up for future success. In this Lady Project blog post, I explain how.

One of my goals for the new year involves not holding myself back or waiting for permission to be happy or successful. That’s why I framed this little piece of artwork* and have it on my desk where I can see it every day.Lindsay Loechler keepsake art

2015 was certainly a big year for me that involved a lot of stretching and growing and moving way the heck out of my comfort zone. Going to Italy alone doesn’t even scratch the surface (well okay, maybe a little), but I know I’ll look back at the year and say how important it was. Even when things don’t go the way you think you want them to, they usually go the way you later will feel they’re supposed to. There’s value even in the mistakes and missteps.

*This image was created for me by an artist named Lindsay Loechler as part of a General Mills campaign I participated in earlier this year.


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