Ouest omeletteI didn’t know I liked eggs until college, when I moved into an off-campus apartment and was no longer on the meal plan at my school. Not like I was missing much (sorry, Emerson/Aramark), but still. It suddenly dawned on me that eggs were a delicious and—who are we kidding?—cheap source of protein that went with all kinds of foods. Eggs have since become one of my favorite foods. They’re perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Omelets are one of my favorite ways to enjoy them.

Recently, I wrote an article for YouBeauty on healthy hacks to make a tasty omelet that won’t break the calorie bank. One of my all-time favorite combinations is spinach, goat cheese, and mushrooms, maybe with a little caramelized onion thrown in there. I also love a mix of pepper and onion with avocado.

What’s your favorite way to eat eggs? Any favorite tofu scramble recipes for the vegan crowd? 

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