Calories from holiday cocktails can add up quickly without us even realizing we’re taking in way more than we need. This time of year I find myself talking a lot with clients about lower-calorie drink options. How do you enjoy yourself without overdoing it?

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I honestly think that the best answer is to choose what you’ll enjoy the most and be satisfied with the smallest amount of. For example, 3 light beers will not hit the same sweet spot as that Guinness or coffee stout. If you’ll just drink eight white wine spritzers to fill the chardonnay void, just have the one or two glasses of what you really want.

A few of my go-to drinks this time of year:

  • Champagne or sparkling wine—fewer calories than red or white wine and super-festive to boot
  • Bourbon, rye, or scotch, neat—sipping an uncomplicated drink like whiskey neat is easy to nurse and helps you stay in touch with how much alcohol you’re consuming.
  • Gin or vodka and club soda with lime—a lower-calorie alternative to a G&T that’s still refreshing
  • Club soda, plain or with lime or lemon and a dash of bitters.

For more healthier cocktail ideas, check out my article on Tabelog.

What’s your favorite drink? 

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