I once got passed up for a corporate wellness gig specifically for not addressing alcohol in my audition presentation on healthy workplace habits. I’d thought, mistakenly, that it was a taboo topic a dietitian shouldn’t comment on—isn’t that after-hours territory?

Having worked in corporate wellness now for a few years now and coached clients who live in all different parts of the world, I find that alcohol is actually a big factor that nutritionists and health coaches should definitely talk about!  It’s a social connector and may even have some health benefits, but the key is establishing a balanced relationship and pattern.

I’m always interested to hear the assumptions people make about my eating and drinking habits based on the fact that I’m a dietitian. No, we don’t all subsist on kale and quinoa and green juice 24/7! Here are just a few foods RDs refuse to give up.

As many of you know if you’ve been with me a while, I’m a whiskey girl at heart, and I love a glass of champagne, cava, or prosecco. Today, I thought it would be fun to share what other dietitians drink.




-California-based RD and Health and Nutrition Writer Ana Johnson Reisdorf says wine is her favorite. “Specifically viongnier or a malbec.”

-Emily Holdorf, RD, of Empowered Nutrition echoes, “I’m a wine lover! I love a good moscato because it’s so light and refreshing.” She also has some tasty, healthy cocktail recipes in her repertoire.

Dietitian Amanda Hernandez of Nutritionist Reviews has an awesome grape hookup:I love homemade wine made from grapes from my parent’s farm!”

Kelly Jones MS RD CSSD LDN has some favorites. “While I’ll always love a heavy bodied red wine, I have grown to favor champagne and prosecco more! I interestingly hate white wine, but a perfectly chilled dry brut is so refreshing to me when the weather is warm.” 

– Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN at CitNutritionally is another prosecco fan. “I love celebrating even the smallest things in life, so a bubbly glass of prosecco is always my go-to!” 

-Shannon A. Garcia, MDS, RD, LD with KISS in the Kitchen says, “My true love is red wine, especially bold, spicy reds like Zinfandel. Otherwise, I go between whiskey on the rocks, or a delicious margarita like this Strawberry Watermelon Frozen Margarita.”


Shannon Garcia, KISS in the Kitchen

-New Jersey dietitian Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT, and creator of Nutrition Nuptials  has a soft spot for  bourbon and rye. “Love the sweet notes. Plus the flavor is pretty strong, so I can sip on one dram for quite some time and feel satisfied. Mr E and I love getting together with friends for tastings to sample different styles or regions.” 

Wendy Jo Peterson MS RDN is also a self-described “Whiskey  girl.” How she takes hers: “With ginger beer!”

-Dietitian Leslie Powell Schilling  agrees. “Whiskey with ginger beer is pretty amazing!”

-Gabriella Vetere, RD, of Macrobalanced, uses ginger kombucha as a healthier mixer. Aside from being a delicious source of beneficial probiotic bacteria, it has less sugar than ginger beer. Her winning combo: “Lime, ginger and whiskey.”

-Dietitian Katie Proctor of Elevate with Katie loves homemade margaritas. “We just make ours with tequila, soda water, fresh squeezed limes and oranges (no real recipe, just to taste). So good!”

Dietitian Amanda Field of Field Nutrition adds fresh herbs for fresh flavor. “I love a gin cocktail with cucumber and rosemary!”

-Bridget Swinney, author and blogger of Eat Right Mama also heads to the garden for cocktail fixings. “In the summer I love a mojito using fresh mint from the garden. So light and refreshing!”

-RD Kelly Springer of Kelly’s Choice gets seasonal. “My favorite summer drink is coconut vodka, soda water, splash of pineapple and lime

-“I live in Florida where it’s almost always hot,” says Balanced Pantry’s Jessica Levings, MS, RDN, “but an ice cold Tito’s vodka with grapefruit juice and sparkling water helps me beat the heat!” 


Nourished Simply

-This lightened-up version of the traditionally high-cal Painkiller from Nourished Simply’s Jennifer Lynn-Pullman is a delicious way to enjoy rum

Dietitian Judy Barbe is also a fan of classic cocktails. “I love a Sidecar. Best way to use my Meyer lemons, mindfully ; ) “

-Diana K. Rice, RD, The Baby Steps Dietitian, came up with something special for those who are sitting out the booze. “Red wine for me – any variety! Love it so much I even created a red wine-inspired mocktail to get me through my pregnancy.” Check out her Spiced Grape Mocktail recipe. 

What’s your favorite drink? 

This has been another installment of the Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud link party, where randomness is the name of the game. Thanks to Amanda for hosting.

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