Hey, hey hey—Happy loooove

So spill, do you dig Valentine’s Day? Hate it? Neutral? I may not be the biggest February 14th enthusiast, but I do love chocolate.

I think the Valentine’s Day that ruined it for me was the year my then-boyfriend bought me a chocolate pig and got mad when I didn’t immediately, like, get on my knees. I’d love to say I’m exaggerating, but, well, I often refer to high school as Tales from the Dark Farm…

Say hello to my invisible boyfriends...

Say hello to my invisible boyfriends…

I don’t really hate Valentine’s Day—I’ve actually had a few really awesome ones! Like last year, when I hosted diner for some of my best lady-friends. I’m looking forward to seeing some favorite faces again this evening, but I’m relieved not to have any high-pressure plans for the holiday.

Speaking of pressure, if anyone feels like those high-pressure goings-on lead to any situations you want out of or are just putting up with “because it’s Valentine’s Day,” just put on this song. You’ll be too sad to want to do anything. Works way better than “Queen of England”-ing oneself down (Does that actually work for anyone?). Goodness, my college experience would have been so different if I’d just kept some Bright Eyes on hand for emergencies.

That said, it’s also important to do something nice for yourself on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s to balance any less-than-awesome feelings or just because you deserve it (duh). I think Woody Allen said it best when he said, “Don’t knock masturbation—it’s sex with someone I love!” So wherever you are in your love life, be happy to be you.

On a semi-related note, analytics tells me that a lot of people find my blog by googling “fake vagina,” “homemade fake vagina,” and “fake vagina recipe.” This is somewhat confusing, as I’ve never posted instructions on how to make one of these things, and even if I did know how one goes about creating a fake vagina, I definitely wouldn’t write about it on a food blog! So maybe it’s this post? Either that or this recipe for not-so-subtle soft pink dessert tacos from 2010.

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? What’s your favorite—or least favorite—part of February 14th? 

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