Linzy-Ziegelbaum-headshotHi guys! After kicking off the unoffocial start of the summer season with Memorial Day, today I’ve got a great guest post for you from Linzy Ziegelbaum, MS, RD, CDN. I’ve known Linzy since we were ietetic interns at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and we later worked alongside each other at the Hospital for Special Surgery.  It’s been wonderful to watch Linzy build a successful practice and share her delicious recipes and nutrition expertise with the world. Today, she’s talking top tips for healthy summer entertaining.

Take it away, Linzy!




With the summer months approaching there will be bathing suits, weekends away, BBQ’s and weddings. With all of these events, it is easy to overindulge. These simple tips will make staying on track with your nutrition goals this summer easy.

Tips for BBQ’s

– Use the MyPlate method and make ½ of your plate vegetables; ¼ or your plate starch and ¼ of your plate protein. Use this method to help with portion control. This works better than mindlessly filling your plate with lots of different proteins and sides.

– Take advantage of all of the great summer produce and try grilling fruit (pineapples and peaches work great) or make vegetable kebabs

– Add fresh fruit to water for a refreshing drink instead of sugar sweetened beverages

– Remember, alcohol calories count too!    


Tips for weekend getaways

–  Always pack snacks! I recommend never going more than 3-4 hours without a meal or a snack. Having healthy snack options with you will help prevent you from getting hangry and choosing the first thing you see. Non perishable snack ideas include trail mix, snack bars, roasted chickpeas, or nut butter packets. I also recommend taking apples and bananas with you because their peels serve as their carrying case making them easy to carry with you.  

More summer tips

–  Use the good weather as an excuse to get outside and be active! Take a walk, go for a swim or ride your bike.

– Hydrate! Having a refillable water bottle with you at all times makes remembering to drink easier. For example, keep water at your desk and in your car.

– Don’t skip meals thinking it will save you calories. When you skip meals not only do you slow down your metabolism, but you are likely to overeat later on.

– It is ok to have ice cream! However, pay attention to portions and the toppings that go on it. The less toppings added, and the less toppings already mixed into the flavor, the less calories!


Tips for staying on track at weddings

– Pay attention to what you put on your plate at cocktail hour. Remember that it is cocktail hour, and multiple courses will still follow. Take a plate at cocktail hour and pay attention to what  you put on it instead of mindlessly grabbing passed hor d’oeuvres and continuously refilling your plate.

– Choose one dessert. While it’s tempting to choose everything, stick to one dessert that you can enjoy.



Linzy Ziegelbaum, MS, RD, CDN is the owner of the private practice LNZ Nutrition, LLC. She has counseled and given lectures to patients of all ages on various nutrition topics. Linzy specializes in sports nutrition, weight management and special diets. She enjoys sharing her love of nutrition  with others through counseling, lectures and writing.


Thank you, Linzy!!




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