I feel like I was just writing my November media round-up, but somehow it’s the end of December? Case in point: I didn’t finish my Christmas  shopping until 12/23. As someone in the wellness/media world, I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to post a lot of “merry and bright” content on social media about the holidays. While I’ve tried to joke about my lack of festive energy, it’s been hard to strike that balance of how much to share and how much to stay quiet about coping with grief during a season we’re supposed to be jazzed up about baking cookies and buying shit or whatever. I’d expected to be ugly-crying all through December, but I’ve mostly been numb with occasional, unexpected meltdowns. Everyone always tells you “feel the feelings,” but it was a lot more, like, “Why don’t I feel anything? Oh, wait—no, never mind…[sobs uncontrollably for five minutes]. Okay, where’s my Metrocard?”

Mindset is everything, though, and to keep myself moving in a forward, positive direction and show up for others in my life, what has worked for me is focusing on gratitude for the small good things and throwing myself feet-first into my work. I am so grateful for my amazing clients and for the writing work that keeps me going.

As I stare down the last days of this year, I have to say, 2018 has kicked my ass and punched me in the gut, and it even tried to kill me (at least now I know I’m allergic to sulfa drugs), but it was also full of strange magic. I am so excited for the year ahead. Here’s why:

1.) It can only be better than this year was
2.) I have some very exciting news I’ll be sharing on January 21!

I’ll be sharing more soon, but in the meantime, here’s my monthly list of recent publications and media appearances.


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