So NYC’s latest Restaurant Week is almost over—how did the past few weeks go so fast? I had grand plans to visit a bunch of places, but life is busy that way. I mean funny. Or both.

However, I did get around to trying a spot on my list when I met my family at Bar Baloud Saturday night after work. Naturally, they were not doing the Restaurant Week menu Saturday evenings (very sneaky), but we still enjoyed a great meal (which ended up costing about the same as what it would have cost if we’d each gone for the $38 special). Not counting the wine, of course. I’m a little ashamed to think of how expensive my two glasses of wine were. If you go, though, do yourself a favor and start with the French sparkling wine. I wish I had written down the name because it was so dry and crisp and I’m going to stop talking about it because I sound like a d-bag when I talk about wine.

To start, the table shared an order of “tater tots” (a combo of potato and pork) from the “nose to tail” menu, and then my mom and I shared this great arugula salad, which included crispy artichoke hearts and a tapenade dressing. For my main course, I ordered the duck breast. I think the last time I’d eaten duck was back in 2006 when I bought a cooked duck breast from Whole Foods and ate it with salad, sitting on the floor of my first apartment because I had no furniture. Why do I remember this? Anyhow, this was the perfect reintroduction to duck, and hopefully I won’t go another 8 years before having it again. The brussels sprouts, dug leg confit ravioli, and cranberry sauce were the perfect complement. For dessert, the table split a few things.  I enjoyed a few bites of this salted caramel chocolate torte and, well, holy f***.

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What was the last restaurant meal you enjoyed? 


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