April was a very full month with lots of big happenings—like selling my apartment and buying a house to name a few things! There was also a lot of stuff going on that I decided not to share on social media but which took a lot of my time and physical and mental energy. Normally I like to share more during my monthly media round-ups, but I’m keeping it short and sweet this month. Here are some recent podcast episodes, publications, and media appearances. 

Podcast Episodes

Coach, Author, Podcast Host and Bridesmaid for Hire Founder Jen Glantz

Plant-Based Nutrition Basics 

PSYFI Founder David Mykel 





Whole Foods And Headspace Team Up In A Mindful Eating Series



Featured In 



Why The MIND Diet Resonates With This Plant-Centric RD And Her Go-To Topping

11 RDs Dish On Personalized Eating For National Nutrition Month

The Nutritious Food This RD Craves During Her Period

These Unique Cultural Foods Offer Nutrition Bonuses

My Favorite Anti-Inflammatory Canned Food

How Telehealth is Shaping The Future of Functional Nutrition Coaching



Dietitians Weigh In On The New White Claw Surge


Eat This, Not That


Everyday Health

12 Signs You May Be Eating Too Much Sugar


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