Happy Sunday! Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. It’s been great to spend some time with my family and enjoy a change of scenery. I love New York, but a little dose of greenery is nice once in awhile. What have you been up to?

Here’s my weekly list of small good things.

*Aren’t these pretty? I can’t remember if they’re mandarins or some other lovely little citrus, but they’re adorable and delicious. citrus

*This, however, is not so pretty. My first time making deviled eggs was nothing short of hilarious. I squirted the yolk mixture all over the kitchen counter by mistake, and the mix I did manage to pipe into the whites looked…well. Hah. It’s the thought that counts…We put a little paprika on top and they were passable.

This NPR story about medical students taking a culinary medicine cooking class. Love it!

* Speaking of cooking, I love whenever Sam Sifton mentions music in the New York Times cooking newsletter. Friday’s mention of Sufjan Steven’s “Fourth of July” ended up setting the tone for a productive afternoon working in a coffee shop.

* I was recently interviewed for Glamour’s Vitamin G blog about energy-boosting snacks. Once upon a time back when I was student (and maybe even as far back as when I was trying to decide whether to go back to school to become a dietitian), that was one of the blogs I read every day—loved it. Still do. It was such a trip to be featured there. Jess Cording Glamour

* I can’t stop listening to this song this weekend, for some reason. Total classic. It also reminds me a lot of when I was SO ready to be done with grad school a few years ago. I used to play this on the ukulele, like, way too much whenever I needed a mental health break from writing my research project. Maybe I should pick that thing back up.

* Friday, I’d booked a space at WeWork, not knowing they were closed to Commons members for the holiday. You’d think the system would have kept me from booking the space, but nope. Whoops. They let me work for a little while in a beautiful upstairs area overlooking the park, though, and then I spent the afternoon coffee shop hopping. I am getting closer and closer to being done with a draft of a big writing project that’s been taking up a lot of my “free” time. Hitting the 4,000 word mark last night felt amazing! I feel like I’m in a phase where I’m tying up some loose ends just in time to start some exciting new things.

*This list of top 10 Italian cities to visit. So excited for my trip to Milan at the end of the summer!

Any highlights you want to share from your week? 

Have a great day!

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