Happy Sunday! Welcome to another Small Collection, a new series I started to help me focus on the things that bring me joy.

This week I have one very small thing that’s brought me more joy than I could have imagined in just a short few days:

So I promised on  Thursday that I would stop teasing you with puppy hints. I just didn’t want to jinx things before the little guy was actually in my arms. Well, the wait is over. On Friday morning, my dad and I went to pick him up.Eli first car ride

Yes, I totally cried my eyes out when I held him for the first time. #crazydogladyoriginstory

His name is Eli. He’s an Aries and the sweetest little fireball I’ve ever met. He’s a bichon frise, about 12 weeks old. I was blown away by how happy and mellow he was right off the bat.Eli kitchen

He already likes hanging out in the kitchen with me : )

…and following me around the apartment, and climbing on me when I sit on the floor, and hopping around when he’s excited about something…There’s plenty we both have to learn about each other and—ahem—details to work out (housebreaking, cough cough), but I’m so happy he’s here and thrilled to share the news with you all.

Even though I’m clearly going to have my hands a little more full than usual, I have some awesome guest posts scatted throughout the next weeks to keep you entertained—to to provide you with tasty recipes for your summer cookouts!

Do you have any pets? 

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