Happy Sunday. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Welcome to my weekly list of small, good things. Here are some things that made me smile recently.

*First things first–this:

heart in window

*So many cute dogs around lately! What is wrong with people who hate dogs?

*Night cheese. night cheese

(aka: how to make “lite” cheddar you bought by mistake not suck)

*Turning in assignments always feels good, even if I know I have some edits ahead of me.

*Great week for savory oatmeal over here.

*Speaking of memories…I celebrated a breakup anniversary recently by purchasing new sheets. I tried to turn my mattress the other day, but I’d forgotten that is not an option. Darn pillow-top whatever-the-heck. This seemed like the next best thing.

from Kohl’s

*The other night I had a dream I let my mom plan a wedding (on a $500 budget?), but I forgot to tell the groom the date and was pissed off when I realized he wouldn’t be coming. Thing was, we’d grown apart in those months, and I’d kind of forgotten about the whole wedding thing myself, so I told my family to just celebrate my birthday instead. I did take the opportunity, though, to tell the snarky 30-something friend of one of my cousins to shut his face when he made a half-joke comment, like, “I can totally see why the that guy wouldn’t want to come to this.” That dude must be how my subconscious personifies my self-doubt. Or something.

Instead of one big wedding cake, there were a few adorable smaller cakes with colorful flowers in a variety of colors. All I really remember is that the cake the bridge and groom were supposed to share involved a burgundy color and was colored with beets.

*General Mills is giving away 10 boxes of Marshmallows-Only Lucky Charms. MS, RD, CDN credentials aside, this is adorable. #sorrynotsorry #livealittle

photo from General Mills blog

What’s on your list of good things this week? 

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