Happy Sunday. Every week I like to note some of the small, good things from the past week. Here’s today’s little collection:

*Eli is a little blur of happy basically all the time. My mom sent me this the other morning and it made my day:Eli running

*I highly recommend reading this awesome post on why Gwen Stefani was the perfect preteen idol. So much yes. I still know basically every word to every song on Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn and maybe even way too much of Rock Steady. Just A Girl will always be one of my favorite karaoke/PMS avenger songs.

*This Bloglovin’ post on recipes you need to try now—yes, please!

*I’ve been toying with crust recipes for mini pie-things, and this graham cracker one from SkinnyTaste sounds awesome! I think I might use ghee or coconut oil, though, so I don’t have to go out and buy butter. Even though I’d have to go out to buy the crackers anyway? F*** it. Maybe I’ll make crust out of cereal? Goodness knows I’ve got plenty of that lying around. Cinnamon Toast Crunch + Cheerios + Ghee = I can haz pie crust maybe?

*I made a new favorite spread that I want to eat on basically everything. I should have figured out sooner than miso-tahini and pumpkin would be a match made in heaven. pumpkin miso tahini sauce

*Thank goodness for yoga-breaks this week! There have been a lot of changes going on around me and it’s caused me to be extra busy with work stuff. It’s all good, though—just requiring a little extra deep breathing.

What’s on your good-things list today? 

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