dogs in mudHappy Sunday! Hope you’ve been enjoying a great weekend. I’m taking a little social media break to recharge the old batteries, so in the meaning, here are a few links for you to enjoy:

Speaking of social media (and taking it all off, on Instagram) via Cup of Jo.

I feel like everyone I know is doing house shares this summer. These Flourless White Chocolate Blueberry Muffins From Running with Spoons would be great for a weekend treat for a group.

15 Sandwich Ideas from Fit Sugar. Brown-bagging doesn’t have to be boring.

Love this Fitnessista stability ball workout. Major kudos to Gina for showing how to enjoy physical activity during pregnancy. I want to make her blog required reading for my clients who are pregnant or preparing to start families and feeling anxious about exercise.

I love a good crustless quiche—they’re great for using up any veggies you’re trying to get rid of or getting creative with your summer CSA abundance. This recipe looks great. If you’re shy about using butter and whole eggs, you could swap in some egg whites.

I made avocado egg salad the other day (similar to this recipe), and it was lovely. I can’t imagine why you’d ever want to make it with mayo when avocados are a thing that exists in the world.

Also on the recipe front, this Food52 Heirloom recipe post made me think about my own grandmother. Unfortunately, I remember her food phobias during her cancer treatment more than I remember the dishes she made, but there are a few bright exceptions. For example, I have a vivid memory from when I was really little of eating banana cream pie with the flakiest crust. I was so intrigued by it—and in awe of the silver dessert fork. It was so fancy and shiny…

Right before she died, my grandmother told us that if we found coins on the ground, we should consider that her way of saying hi. I always pause (even if only mentally) when I come across currency in the street or in unexpected places. Lately, though, I’ve been finding coins that have been rubbed smooth so there’s nothing to read on them. No idea what I want to make of that, but hey.

What’s on your mind this weekend? 

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