Happy Sunday! Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend. After a long, full week and working yesterday, I’m trying to rest up today and take it somewhat easy. Got a whole new week ahead.

Here are a few recent bright spots:

*This picture my mom sent of Eli: Eli heart picture

Little dude got his dude-parts snipped recently, and I have a feeling this pic was snapped while he was zonked out on pain meds. We waited a while to do it because he had so many health issues the first year of his life. He’s doing great now, though.  Crazy to think that this time a year ago he was a teeny tiny puppy. Now he’s a teeny tiny full-grown dog minus some of his dude-parts.

*I’m thankful for fun letters from out-of-state relatives. Always so nice to get little surprises.

*Starting to plan how I want to celebrate my 30th birthday this fall.

*This week was crazy. So I made scallops for dinner the other night—for some reason they’re among my go-to comfort foods. They were great with an arugula salad and a side of crostini with Acorn Hill Farm honey lavender chèvrescallops and crostini

*So I said it was a crazy week. Part of it involved my speaking up about a situation that needed to be addressed. I hadn’t planned to so soon, but I got a lot of positive signs that it was the right time after all. Funny how you can cause yourself so much anxiety when you wait to try to decide what the most logical timing is.

*Not only did I take my full lunch break when I worked yesterday, I actually used it to get a manicure—something I’ve been meaning to do forever. I struggle with taking time for myself, even when my contract allows and I’m able to get my work done without issue, but I’m so glad I did it this week.

*After a little breather from taking on new Rise clients, it’s been great to start working with some new people this week.

*This ad cracked me up. Can’t say I’ve ever heard whole grains called “invigorating” before, but whatever pickles your tickle. Or strike that. Reverse it. invigorating whole grains

*I made a green smoothie the other day after work when I needed a filling snack/mini-meal to bring me back to life before heading out to a networking event,  and oh my goodness. I never want to use anything but coconut water as the liquid base, like, ever again. It was so good! Funny how the most amazing thing can be so obvious and in front of your face for so many years before you finally try it.

*Also, so thankful for the gorgeous weather.

Do you struggle with taking a break ever? What are you grateful for this week? 

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