follow your dreamsHappy Sunday! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Here’s my weekly gratitude list of little things that made me happy.

*Today is the 3-year anniversary of my moving into my current apartment. This is officially the longest I’ve lived anywhere. That explains the wanderlust, I suppose…Unless this is like junior year of high school and wanted to switch schools or that time I almost dropped out of college to become a yoga instructor (glad I didn’t because I still can’t do a handstand), or that time I almost switched from clinical nutrition to public health or an MA in grad school at the 3-year mark.

*Summer is finally here! I know this happened a week ago, but it finally hit me yesterday that I made it through winter and survived the spring.

*Peaches are in season, finally. My favorite way to eat them is grilled with plain Greek yogurt and cinnamon.

*I loved this post on 10 habits of successful introverts.

*I tore through Joshua Gaylord’s When We Were Animals in just a few days. I totally found myself reading late into the night despite wanting to savor it—easily my favorite of the year so far.

*This Eating Bird Food post on creating a fulfilling career in health and wellness gave me hope on a day when my head was swimming with self-doubt and

Mindy Kaling’s 7 Secrets to Success. I wonder if it freaks her out how many strangers out there want to be her BFF.

*Had dinner with a friend last night at a place in my old neighborhood. Hells Kitchen still has some of the best hole-in-the-wall spots in NYC. We had drinks, an assortment of small plates, and grilled octopus and somehow only managed to spent $30 each.  I don’t miss living there (so noisy) but love having reasons to go back.

What’s made you smile this week? 


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