Happy Sunday! Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful weekend. Welcome to my weekly list of small, good things. In no specific order…

1.) I’m always happy to hear people discussing the links between diet and depression. What you eat has a huge impact on how we feel. Shocking, I know. Anyway, I’m quoted in an article up on Yahoo this week about some nutrients that can effect our mood.

2.) The other night I had a dream I was having coffee with a friend in black & white. I told them about buying a gold watch, though I wasn’t totally sure about it at first. As soon as I had it on, though, it was a really awesome watch that filled in all the style gaps in my life while also being very practical. Worth the investment. Huh. I had a bunch of other bizarrely specific dreams recently, but I won’t waste any more of you time talking about my subconscious.

3.) Speaking of black & white…I know I’m way late to the party, but this black & white video of Teletubbies set to a Joy Division song is weird and awesome.

4.) This video in which a dog tries to protect a lobster from become the family’s dinner. So sweet! And so weird! How am I supposed to feel?!

5.) This super-simple recipe for miso-citrus dressing I spotted on The Kitchn is the answer to all my “what the hell kind of sauce do I put on this?” problems.

6.) Got a busy week ahead? I have an article about healthier pizza toppings up on YouBeauty right now!

7.) Orientation for my new clinical job starts tomorrow. Crazy.

8.) This book is cracking me up. Believer Book 2012

What’s made you smile this week? 

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