Happy Sunday! Hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend. I’m heading on a mini-vacation with my family so I’m just going to keep things short and sweet today. Here’s my little list of small good things from the week:

*Spending time with friends, family, and other favorites.

*A few articles I wrote went up around the web:

Kids Eat Right: Do Kids Need Omega-3 Fats? 

YouBeauty: 7 Healthy Salad Dressing Options

A few pieces in which I weighed in on certain topics (like, um, adults drinking Pedialyte as a hangover remedy?) also went up. It’s always fun to share with my network and get their feedback.

*Speaking of the web, here are a few things that made me giggle:

*Also awesome: Running into a former classmate at an event where we got to taste the new Zespri SunGold Kiwi. Tasty kiwi + friendly faces=great way to start a Monday. It’s always nice to be in a room where you’re not the only one nerding out on things like the digestive benefits of xyz food item.Zespri SunGold Kiwi

*Clearing a bunch of items off my to-do list Wednesday when I booked a space at WeWork. I’m kind of in love. I wish it was in my budget to spend one day a week there. Even this one day per month is a huge boost to my productivity and focus.

*Got a good laugh Friday when I went for a respirator fit test at the hospital where I’ll be starting a new part-time job next month. It was like some secret society initiation ritual, all the stuff you had to do while wearing this giant hood!

*So, about that new-job thing. I guess this means I have news. Almost 6 months into this Saturn Return business and I totally see why everyone says it’s a big deal. While putting together my June newsletter the other day and collecting a sample of some of my media clips from the month, I suddenly realized why I’d been feeling so damn busy—I was really busy! Duh, Jess.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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