Good morning and happy Sunday. First off, I want to give a big congrats to one of my oldest lady friends, who’s having her baby shower today. I’m going to have to miss it because I’m still at a conference, but I’m sending lots of good thoughts her way.

Though I normally would look at two back-to-back weekends out of town as a stressful thing, it’s actually been great to get a change of scenery and to learn a bunch of new stuff. I’m such a nerd for loving continuing education as much as I do, but apparently this is a typical Sagittarius trait, so maybe I just can’t help it?

Speaking of nerd alert, technology is at the top of my little gratitude list this weekend. I love that wi-fi has enabled me to stay in touch with my Rise and MobileRD clients up and write and to chip away at some articles I have due. When I was a teenager, the dream was to have a place to hole up and write without anyone or anything bothering me—who knew that place would be a hotel room I’d booked for a nutrition conference?

Another dream from a million years ago that I was always too embarrassed to admit out loud was wanting to be published in a major magazine. That sort of happened too this past week, when I stumbled across an article I was quoted in while flipping through the current issue of Women’s HealthWomen's Health 1

I also was featured recently in a Yahoo Food article on protein bars. It’s funny how things come in waves.

On another note, I am thankful for yoga and instructors who play The National in class. So good…

I am also thankful for the therapeutic power of cute puppy pics. This is a shot of Eli last weekend when he woke me up at 5:2o to make sure I didn’t miss my flight to Miami. Eli morning

No matter what kind of stress is tugging at me, I can always count on this little guy to make me smile.

Have a great day : )

What’s made you smile this week? 


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