It may be hot as balls in NYC this week, but I really couldn’t rest making oats in a jar for breakfast yesterday—totally my favorite way to polish off a near-empty jar of peanut butter. OIAJ July 2014

I love air-conditioning. This is Chex gluten-free oats with white chia seeds, cinnamon, blueberries, and an egg white cooked in. After the night I’d had, I needed a nourishing, comforting breakfast, and this totally hit the spot.

Ever heard of vasovagul syncope?  It’s actually a very common cause of fainting (basically, your body overreacts to a physical, mental, or emotional trigger, which causes a quick drop in blood pressure and heart rate–>lights out for a second), and you quickly regain consciousness. Though my sister is the only one in the family with an actual diagnosis, my mom is pretty sure my dad and I have it too. For me, it’s usually related to a minor injury that my body decides needs to be a big deal, and there’s usually a perfect storm of factors involved (dehydration and/or heat, inadequate sleep, being overworked).

Interestingly, at the hospital Sunday, when it was just me and the intern covering the whole damn place, I said to myself, “I’d better watch it—this is usually when it happens…” It only happens every few years, and the last time was 2012, so I guess you could say I was overdue. Anyway, around 2:30 in the morning, I woke up in excruciating neck pain (I’d slept on it funny Saturday night, so it had already been sore Sunday). I forgot the rule about not moving a lot, and thought it would be a great idea to go into the bathroom to take some Advil and splash cold water on my face.paper screen

Um, no.  I’m not really sure how exactly it happened, but the second time I passed out, I managed to fall on top of one of the paper screens by my bed. I took this picture in the morning after I’d put it back in place—I basically fell on the bed. Most of the time, living alone is great, but to be totally honest, I was scared s***less, even though I knew I was probably okay in the grand scheme of things. Since my dad has passed out from muscle spasms before, I called him instead of worrying my mom.  At least I had someone to talk to as I crawled around my apartment to get water and stuff as I came back to earth! By the time I crawled back into bed, I was with it enough to remember my Amazon password and order a new paper screen on my iPad. Haha of course…

My dad gets some kind of gold star for not freaking out when I was on the phone, like, “Oh, I’m bleeding—where am I bleeding from? Oh, that’s just my toe—Oh, wow, how did I get this scrape?—That’s really f***ed—No, I’m fine—Ouch—(cries)—This alone thing is hard—(laughs)—F***ing ridiculous.”

So yeah, I’m a little banged up but more or less intact and hopefully my quota is filled for a long time. Great start to the week, huh?

How’s your week going? Have you ever fainted? 



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